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Google My Business Recent Updates Tutorial

For a business that works in the local market, Google My Business (GMB) has become one of the main centers of their digital universe. For these kinds of companies, Google My Business is a network access way and a business card for its clientele and those who can discover them through the Internet. Google relies more and more on the content of My Business to classify businesses and begins to discard the classification of third parties and external services, so every SME should take care of its presence on this platform.

So if you want to do Adult advertising for your business, it will great if you start from the local area. For this, you have to the marketing of your website on Google My Business. From Google My Business, you will able to get more locals leads.

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Taking care of your presence in Google My Business is essential for any adult website on the Internet. It can be done easily with the help of an Adult SEO Marketing Company. Below, we explain the main updates and changes that Google My Business has undergone throughout 2019.

  1. Guide to create virtual offices: Google has introduced a new registration system for services this year and provides guidance on who is eligible to create a page for a virtual office.
  2. Check-in and Check-out: In February, Google introduced the possibility that hotels and hotel services could publish their check-in and check-out hours directly in Google My Business.
  3. Improvement in Google Maps: Also, in February, Google launched improvements with the implementation of GMB and Google Maps. First, it enhanced augmented reality with Live View and allowed business owners (with a verified GMB account) to respond to user comments on Maps directly from the platform, without having to access Google My Business.
  4. Updates: In March and September, GMB carried out two complete updates, called Core Algorithm Update, which are algorithm updates that usually affect business widely.
  5. Search by images: In October, Google began to show users the option of Ā«Search by imagesĀ» in the mobile results. These results appear in a SERP module that opens to a page with images and a star rating system.
  6. Follow the Local Guide: In November, Google introduced an option that allows users to follow the Local Guide on Google Maps. This way, it is much easier to follow their recommendations and finds places and activities to do when visiting cities.

Conclusion: So to get local business for your freshly launched product it must be to put that product on Google My Business.